About Us

We work to help our clients achieve their purpose, to implement their strategy and to accomplish their objectives of growth, profitability and sustainability through the processes of people, leadership and teams. We rely on the certainty that the human factor is the fundamental basis to create a competitive advantage and is the engine of organizations.

How do we do it?

  • Studying and updating ourselves. We are passionate about learning. We have specialist consultants for each topic.
  • Committing to results, being methodical and organized.
  • Taking care of people. Between us, our suppliers, our clients and society. That’s why we share experiences and collaborate, that’s why we have fun.


Creemos que la confianza es el pilar fundamental para poder trabajar con nuestros clientes. La construimos basándonos en tres pilares: la expertise, el cuidado y la ética.

1. El expertise lo construimos estudiando y compartiendo. También lo logramos estandarizando procesos, documentos, etc.

2. Tenemos especialistas para cada tema, consultores expertos en las distintas temáticas.

3. El cuidado por las personas, entre nosotros, a nuestros proveedores, a nuestros clientes, a la sociedad. Por eso participamos de ONGs, por eso compartimos y colaboramos, por eso nos divertimos.

Ezequiel Conesa

  • I have 20 years’ experience in HR consulting. After being a partner in the Belise Group, I founded my own Executive Search and Leadership Consulting firm with representation from Transearch International. I founded HR Performance, a company that I lead today.
  • Currently, I work in Organizational Development consulting, HR strategic consulting, executive coaching and recruitment.
  • I have a degree in Psychology from the University of Buenos Aires. I completed a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) at the Universidad Católica Argentina. I am an ontological coach and a specialist in Gestalt psychology. I did a postgraduate degree in HR Strategic Management at IAE Business School.

Diego Hilaire Chaneton

  • I always liked the idea of making a better world through people management. I studied Human Resources (USAL), Postgraduate Degree in Negotiation (UCA), Executive Program of HR (Di Tella) and Strategic Management of Human Resources (IAE Business School). I have more than 15 years experience in Human Resources, I worked mediating and approaching positions with Unions for more than 10 years.
  • I really like sports, I always believed that they are a fundamental tool for the improvement and motivation of people and teams. Amateur tennis player, footballer and runner.
  • I was Professor of Labor Relations and Negotiation Techniques at USAL. I am a Professor at UCA (Development of Work Teams).

Emiliano Rodriguez

  • I am a Human Resources professional with 15 years experience in human capital administration and development in various environments
  • Throughout my career I have been responsible for designing, defining and implementing HR policies focused on achieving organizational objectives in different companies such as Atento Argentina, Sanatorio Güemes, Coto CICSA, Cámara Argentina de Comercio, Universidad CAECE, among others.
  • I am currently a consultant in Organizational Development and a head hunter in HR Performance, as well as an external advisor for the Red Cross in Argentina in their education sector.
  • I have a Bachelor’s in Human Resource Management (UdeMM)
  • I completed a Master’s in Coaching and Organizational Change (USAL)
  • I am currently studying to become an Ontological Coach in Axon Training, an institution endorsed by the ICF (International Coach Federation)

Facundo Viola

  • I believe that through people and work teams companies can achieve their greatest success. I always liked that idea and put all my effort to make it happen. I believe in team management and in leaders who add value and think in the long term.
  • I love accompanying and promoting businesses through organizational consulting. I organized workshops for entrepreneurs, provided consulting and participated as a mentor in Junior Achievement Argentina, a program that brings together schools from all over the country and trains young people in the business area.
  • I have a degree in Human Resources Administration (UdeMM) with 14 years of experience in different organizations, both in soft and hard areas. I have diplomas in Design Thinking, Negotiation and Team Management.
  • I participate in HR Performance in Organizational Consulting and Talent Acquisition, knowing that by adding value we are strategic business partners for our clients.

Stefania Elorga

  • I define myself as a highly committed, proactive, conciliatory, organized, and results-oriented individual. I started my career in Psychology at UNMDP and gradually discovered the fascinating world of organizations.
  • I have had the opportunity to develop myself in Human Resources as an HRBP and later as a Personnel Selection Specialist. I gained a lot of knowledge and made great colleagues in each place.
  • Today, my career takes a new direction in Organizational Consulting, always prioritizing values such as transparent management, constant communication, and above all, teamwork. In my free time, I enjoy small but important moments with my family and friends.
  • I love photography and capturing moments, and over time, reliving and valuing them in a different way.

Guido Rubio Amestoy

  • I am an entrepreneur by nature, a human management professional, change management specialist, and organizational development expert with over 10 years of experience as a consultant, educator, executive coach, team coach, and change facilitator. At a corporate level, I have carried out my management roles in software companies in the people domain, focusing on people development and culture.
  • I have a unique style that integrates the emotional, rational, and spiritual aspects, which a colleague describes as follows: “The fusion of values, enthusiasm, passion, and knowledge shapes Guido’s personal style and makes it truly distinctive.”
  • I am an executive and team coach (Metaforum International), a Senior Facilitator, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Universidad Católica de Córdoba, and a Master’s in Business Administration from Universidad Siglo 21. I hold a Postgraduate degree in Strategic Human Capital Management from Universidad de Belgrano, along with several specializations related to agility, management 3.0, cultural hacking, etc.

Lucas Rivas

  • I have 17 years of experience in HR as a Business Partner and process consultant. After starting my career as a headhunter for Fortune 500 companies like Texas Instruments and Verizon, I worked as a Research Associate for executive searches at Korn/Ferry, and then as an HR Coordinator for Odebrecht in Argentina and Mexico. Finally, for the past 9 years, I have worked at Emerson in various business units with responsibilities for Latin America, in coordination with global teams.
  • Currently, I am working in Organizational Development consulting, strategic HR consulting, coaching for middle and senior management, and organizational development advisory.
  • I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Instituto Universitario Tercer Milenio in Mexico City, and a degree as a Technician in Human Resources and Labor Relations from Instituto Profesional de Enseñanza Superior in Buenos Aires. I am certified in the Korn/Ferry Leadership Architect and Interview Architect methodologies.

Ulises Urquieta

  • I am a born problem solver, specializing in Change Management, Executive Coaching, and Organizational Development with 19 years of experience. At a corporate level, I have developed my expertise within public and private organizations across various sectors: sports, environmental, contact centers, education, financial services, and pharmaceuticals.
  • Continuously updating my skills, I enjoy approaching challenges with proposals grounded in two pillars: a deep understanding of my clients’ needs and the adaptation of proven solutions from similar scenarios to each specific organization. I believe that time and people are the two key resources that truly make a difference in the decisions made by leaders.
  • With a background in psychology, a master’s degree in Human and Organizational Potential Development, Executive Coaching, Change Management, and a avid reader of emerging trends in talent management across different countries.

Yamila Lamonaco

  • I am passionate about people and business. I started studying the hospitality industry and then I attended a Postgraduate Degree in Marketing. After working a few years in hospitality and show production, I found the world of human resources.
  • In 2017 I joined the HR Performance team as a junior consultant and Community Manager.

Agustina Moreira

  • I am part of the team of Recruiters in HR Performance. I am currently studying Psychology at UCES. I also have a Culinary Arts Degree from OTT, after having my own project for two years. I have also completed an english language course aboard.
  • I consider myself a curious, proactive, empathetic, and caring person, who’s eager to grow and learn!

Carolina Figueiredo

  • I have two passions, people and drawing. I have a degree in Human Resources and illustrator.
  • I have been working for 5 years doing graphic facilitations and recently decided to return to HR simultaneously. My goal is to reach a nice fusion between both things.
  • I really like to learn, listen to others and teamwork. I feel empowered when I am with others.
  • I am a person with good humor and desire to grow

Ignacio Benegas Lynch

  • I have a degree in Occupational Therapy from  Universidad Nacional de San Martín.
  • I am passionate about connecting people with their new jobs, not only for economic reasons, but also for the satisfaction that comes from being able to improve day by day.
  • My greatest aptitudes are empathy, interpersonal and communication skills, which favor my personal and work performance. I am a very committed to my work and constantly seeking to improve mimself.

Lucia Moser

  • With a degree in Psychology, my passion for human work has been a constant throughout my life. As part of my academic and professional development, I have completed several coaching courses and training programs focused on exploring and unlocking human potential.
  • In early 2023, I had the pleasure of joining the HR Performance team as a Recruiter. It’s an incredible feeling to be part of a team that values continuous growth and reflection, as we strive to provide the best possible service to both clients and candidates.
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