Empowering your business through human talent People. Helping people become their best.


    Focus on the individual, so that they find their best version.


    We accompany the development of conscious leaders who inspire teams.

  • TEAM

    From the company’s structure to the formation of high performance teams.


    We create awareness through interactions with others, developing Corporate Social Responsibility and integrating company and community.

Our purpose

We believe that people want to make a difference and contribute to a purpose. We believe that the human factor is the fundamental basis for creating a competitive advantage in organizations. We believe in developing people and teams for more humane and profitable organizations and thus fulfill purposes to make the world a better place.


At HR Performance we work with people through recruitment and coaching. We offer our clients the work methodology and know-how to identify, attract and develop the necessary talent. We use coaching to be able to develop the full potential of a person or team, contribute to their development and guide them in the practices that best take advantage of their qualities.


Leading is about inspiring people to accomplish goals, and that requires some specific skills. Without a doubt, strategic thinking, planning, effective communication, negotiation, among many others, are specific skills that leaders must develop. But the leader is not only a person who uses tools, the leader is the tool. In this sense, at the center of leadership is the leader’s relationship with himself. Self-awareness as a basis for working with people.


To empower a team, we appeal to organizational development, training and learning processes, creative labor relations, compensation, and our wellness program. In each theme, we find fundamental tools to get the best out of a team.


We carry out team building activities with the NGO Remando Futuro, which helps 14 to 17 year old kids to develop skills for their future. The employees participate together with the children in experiential and transformative learning.

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