What a paper sheet does not say:

What a paper sheet does not say: Common job search mistakes

Unemployment: The worst thing you can do is staying at home. Establishing a routine that helps you see progress in the search for new opportunities is difficult but necessary. Unfortunately, in Argentina, unemployment is pretty common, people are left without a job and do not have the habit or the techniques to quickly reintegrate. I always thought that work is health. An alarming statistic shows that only 14% of the active workforce is where it wants to be. This means that a person’s vocation and their current work reality match as if by magic on just a few occasions. 

Now, why is that?

In this article, I will seek to give answers taking into account the reality of getting a job. I have been lucky enough to be able to read a lot on this subject and also the misfortune of being a victim of unemployment, sometimes by choice (resignation) other times by force majeure (dismissal).

Reality indicates that none of the above were moments of joy, recreation or leisure. The difficult mission of finding YOUR PLACE has to do with listening to your heart and being able to choose to be in a place where you can contribute your experience and attitude at the service of what makes you happy. 

Books on the subject:

Reinventarse (Author: Puig)

Working Identities (Author: Herminia Ibarra)

Diseña tu Cambio (Author: Alejandro Melamed)

Soy Solo (Author: Leo Piccioli)