Something weird happened to me three weeks ago

I live in an apartment and I really miss going for a run on my 8km (Monday) and 6km (Wednesday) circuits. I used to do it frequently, I had my Alondra (person who wakes up in the morning) routines so well planned so that I could feel physically prepared inside a soccer field. These training sessions were complemented with a personal trainer’s help and a team of five friends who trained specifically for soccer on Tuesdays and Thursdays. As a result of a solidarity movement in which a runner proposed to run several kilometers to unite Argentina, I decided to run 5km within my apartment. If the challenge had been proposed to me four months ago, I probably wouldn’t have done it. Now, I had been suffering from confinement on Sundays and there was also a good cause in it (the kilometers were going to be transferred in food donations for dining rooms), so I DECIDED to join the initiative. 

It felt so good to finish what I had promised. What makes me feel good? In the first place, a mixture of peace and movement. An ocean where we can drop anchor and rest in its stillness without having the need to look for more company than oneself, combined with the adrenaline and endorphins that generate movement and connection with other people. The secret of well-being has to do with the physical, the mind and the spirit. Paradoxically, today the world paused and forces us to think, how do we want to continue? How do we want to be remembered? What will our legacy be? 

From HR PERFORMANCE we create a segment where we help companies to promote the balance between body, mind and spirit.

Do you want us to help you think?

That balance between body, mind and spirit is what makes us feel good. Generating and promoting these spaces is going to be essential to maintain people’s morale.

Companies will not be able to control all situations, but they can decide how they will be remembered in times of coronavirus. Both employees and consumers will be aware of what companies did in this context.